The Center for Human Conscience is a newly forming non-governmental organization based on the vision of The Charter of the Center for Human Conscience: Laying the Foundation for a New World Civilization. We exist to inspire and facilitate the emergence of a global civilization based on universal human rights, democracy, culture, and conscience.

Our first project is to create a Common Canon of what all well-informed people should know. The Common Canon will include facts, theories, belief systems, creative works, and historical figures.

Let the Common Canon include lists of basic knowledge of geography, history, the sciences, the great world religions, the arts and humanities, and anything else regarded as fundamental to the mind of a person fit for participation in the discourse of an advanced global society; cultural works, such as literature, art, music, and film, to be remembered and recommended as the finest or most significant masterpieces of creative genius of humanity for all time; and historical people identified as worthy of remembrance and celebration, with a day of the year suggested for the commemoration of each. (Article 4 of The Charter)

To create the Common Canon, the Center for Human Conscience is forming a leadership body called the Council of Wisdom. The Council of Wisdom will include 60 men and women from a wide diversity of nationalities, ethnicities, religions, cultures, and career fields, forming something of a microcosm of humanity. The members of this Council will combine their diverse perspectives and experience to create a Canon of the greatest and most significant of all human knowledge, achievements and creations, and the people responsible for them. This Common Canon will then be used to create curricula and learning materials for students of all ages, fostering a global consciousness and appreciation for the history and progress of human civilization.

Please contact us if you would like to be involved in this project, and check our blog for periodic updates.

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