Announcing the Charter of the Center for Human Conscience

Revolutionary ideas call for eloquently written documents to communicate them. The Center for Human Conscience is such an idea, and therefore a Charter has been written and published on this website to express — as clearly and beautifully as its author was capable of — the essence of the idea, its meaning and purposes.

The Charter of the Center for Human Conscience: Laying the Foundation for a New World Civilization is not a long document, but it weaves together a rich tapestry of philosophical concepts, inspiring rhetoric, and pragmatic suggestions for how we can build a better world in the pivotal era in which we live.

The overall spirit of the Charter may be summed up by the last paragraph of its Preamble:

Whereas human beings are ever in need of informed and inspired leadership, that they may rise to their full potential; and whereas the light of civilization tends to be diminished or even extinguished, replaced by the darkness of cynicism leading to barbarism, when bereft of adequate guidance and inspiration impelling people to reach toward a higher vision of the good, the beautiful, and the possible; and whereas increasing numbers of people in this day are turning away from traditional sources of leadership, finding them provincial, common, corrupt, spent of their spirit and purpose, or unsuited to the modern world, and seeking a worthy replacement to set their hearts aflame, unite them, and inspire them to a sacrificial and heroic life; – therefore, The Center for Human Conscience is established: in an age in which advancements in transportation and communication empower and challenge people everywhere on Earth to come together as never before: to embody and give voice to the highest vision, deepest conscience, and noblest aspirations of all humankind; to speak for the collective soul of humanity, commanding, not by force of law or arms but through manifest wisdom and moral authority, the people of the world, bringing the mighty to their knees, uplifting the weak and the victims of injustice, spreading understanding, reconciliation, and peace, promoting the best of culture of the nations, inspiring progressive improvements in the physical, mental, and spiritual condition of average men and women, and compelling the exceptional to extraordinary deeds of courage and principle; to become the next great, world-changing institution in the evolution of human civilization at the dawn of the third millennium of the Common Era; – may it endure as a majestic source of light and hope for centuries to come.

The author of the Charter of the Center for Human Conscience and its supporters invite all people to read the whole document, think about it, sign it, discuss it, share it far and wide, and take action to help make its vision and goals a reality.

We also invite you to connect with us by email, Twitter, and Facebook.

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