Center to Create Council of Wisdom and Common Canon

The Center for Human Conscience is now forming a Council of Wisdom of 60 men and women from all over the world. This provisional Council — although not exactly the same as the one to be created later according to the Charter of the Center for Human Conscience — will attempt to fulfill the goal of creating a leadership body sufficiently diverse in nationality, ethnicity, religion, culture, and career fields, to serve as a global microcosm of well-informed, visionary people.

The members of this provisional Council of Wisdom will combine their diverse perspectives and experience and consult together to create the first version of the Common Canon described in the Charter — a list of the greatest and most significant of all human knowledge, creative works, and historical figures. The Center for Human Conscience will then use this Common Canon (subject to periodic revision and improvement) to create curricula and learning materials for students of all ages, fostering a global consciousness and appreciation for the history and progress of human civilization.

The importance of this project cannot be overstated. Even though we live in an “information age,” most people today are not yet well enough informed about the various cultures of the world and the contributions they and their key figures have made which have enabled the emergence of today’s rapidly globalizing civilization. Children in many countries are not being given an adequate education in social studies, world history, and other subjects that would prepare them for responsible participation in the advanced global society of the 21st century — especially in democratic countries where good government policy depends on a well-informed, socially and globally conscious population.

The Center for Human Conscience will work to solve these problems through our Common Canon project. As the Center’s founding Charter explains:

Whereas an educated and informed citizenry is essential to a well-functioning democracy; and whereas familiarity with the greatest achievements in every field and the best contributions of every culture to humanity is an antidote to prejudice and short-sightedness and the foundation of broad-mindedness, holistic thinking, mutual understanding and peace; and in order that the people of the world may come to feel a closer kinship through the common reference points they might share, not through the effects of cultural imperialism but by the organic emergence of a global consciousness deriving from the discoveries and creations acclaimed freely by people everywhere, that the Earth might be perceived as but one home for all, undivided; let there be a Common Canon of what all well-informed people should know, including facts, theories, belief systems, creative works, and historical figures.

We ask anyone who would like to be involved in developing the Common Canon to contact us. We may consider you for a seat on our provisional Council of Wisdom or offer you other volunteer opportunities related to this project. Thank you for your interest and help!

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