Common Canon Website Launched, Public Invited to Edit Wiki

The Center for Human Conscience has launched a website at based on the same software used by Wikipedia. This website contains the outline of what will become a Common Canon of the greatest of human knowledge, cultural works, and historical figures, presented in the form of a wiki.

Anyone in the world who speaks English is invited to participate in developing the Common Canon by helping to decide its contents and coauthor articles about topics on which you are knowledgeable. Please contact the Center for Human Conscience if you would like to apply to become a contributing editor.

The Common Canon will be developed in three stages:

  • First, a Provisional Common Canon created by the general public.
  • Second, an official version based on the the provisional version of the Canon, which will be edited by a select team of 60 scholars and leaders of thought from a wide diversity of backgrounds, called the Council of Wisdom (a provisional version of the executive leadership body described in Article 8 of the Charter of the Center for Human Conscience).
  • Third, translation of the official English version of the Canon into several other major world languages.

After the Common Canon is completed, it will be used to create interdisciplinary, globally conscious educational curricula and learning materials for students of all ages, and it will be periodically revised as necessary.

The Common Canon is the first project of the Center for Human Conscience. The goals and principles of this project are described in Article 4 of the organization’s Charter. We invite you to visit the Common Canon website to learn more, and we welcome your participation if you are interested.

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