About the Center

The Center for Human Conscience is envisioned to be a global institution like nothing that has existed before, helping to guide humanity into a new millennium of unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

  • Led by a parliamentary body of 10,000 democratically elected representatives from all over the world, meeting in caucuses for common interests and causes through the internet.
  • Celebrating the greatest leaders and inspired works of culture and conscience throughout history and today.
  • Making investments in companies of conscience and accumulating assets to hold in trust for the benefit of the world and its people.
  • Giving grants and awards to worthy recipients in a diversity of fields, such as Government, Law, and Diplomacy; Economics, Commerce, and Labor; Science and Technology; Health, Education, and Social Services; Philosophy, Spirituality, and Religion; and the Arts and Humanities.
  • Educating people by offering interdisciplinary higher degrees in Human Civilization, Culture, and Conscience, and promoting widespread knowledge of essential facts, ideas, and great works of all humanity.
  • Investigating issues of conflict and providing private mediation services to seek justice and reconciliation among people and groups.

The Center for Human Conscience is not a government, not a church, and not a typical charitable organization. It is a new kind of group with a holistic purpose, an integrative institution embracing all people of conscience, whose overarching goal is to facilitate the emergence of the next stage of human civilization — one world united in peace, justice, wisdom, democracy, and a global culture that enriches and enlightens all human beings.

Wordle: The Charter of the Center for Human ConscienceThe vision of the Center is outlined and described in detail in a document first published on March 3, 2011, called The Charter of the Center for Human Conscience: Laying the Foundation for a New World Civilization. The Charter is a uniquely beautiful expression of concepts that some of the most advanced thinkers and visionaries of our age have been discussing, integrated and distilled into a pragmatic plan of action. If this plan becomes manifested, we who live in the 21st century may be fortunate enough to see the realization of what the Charter calls “the ageless vision of our time.”

We invite you to read the Charter of the Center for Human Conscience, sign the document by leaving a reply on that page with your name and location, and share the Charter with anyone you know who may resonate with this vision. The Charter will also be translated into several other languages.

The Center’s first project is to create a Common Canon of what all well-informed people should know. This will be created by a Council of 60 men and women from various nationalities, ethnicities, religions, cultures, and career fields.

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